Greenpan Rio 12pc Non-stick Ceramic Cookware Sets Reviews

Usually, the kitchen plays a big role in any home, as this is where everything concerning to our health comes from. The equipment’s we use in the process of preparing the food we eat needs to be the best. The famous Rio collection has again brought in awesome additional best ceramic cookware sets that will definitely change the look in your kitchen and make the cooking experience to be even more fun.


Rio collection has introduced the Greenpan Rio 12pc non-stick ceramic cookware sets. The Greenpan Rio 12pc Non-stick Ceramic Cookware Sets has the Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick coating that makes it even extremely easy release and cleaning every time. You use the pan to prepare your food. There is no difficulty in cleaning at all or even trying to figure out how which cleaning detergent or method to use to remove food that sticks in the pan.


Ceramic Cookware Sets


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The handle stays cool hands that end up giving the user a robust grip on it hence having the security that once you hold the handle there is no spillage because of slipperiness. Greenpan Rio 12pc non-stick ceramic cookware sets have a glass lid that will help one in monitoring the food being cooked easily and avoid contamination of the food.


The Greenpan Rio 12pc ceramic non-stick cookware sets usually include 1qt, 2qt as well as 3qt saucepans and a lid, 5qt casserole and a lid, 9.5 fry pan and a lid as well as 8 fry pan and lastly 9.5 fry pan. Rio offers quite a tasteful mix of ideal heat dissemination as well as 100% both cleaning and cooking ease furthermore the extra thick aluminum base of the pan gives a perfect heat maintenance..


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Greenpan Rio 12pc non-stick ceramic cookware sets Key Features:


  • It has a Thermolon non-stick which is perfect for frying and using even much less cooking oil.
  • Has got quick and even heat; the aluminum heavy gauge base supplies heat evenly throughout the pan.
  • Has a very easy to clean exterior
  • The handle is heat resistant and has a comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Has a glass lid meant for monitoring the food easily without opening and covering several times to check, one can easily have a look even without opening the whole food?
  • Comes along with a limited lifetime warranty.



  • Type- comes as sets
  • The material used- is non-stick aluminum
  • Sources of heat – ceramic, electric and gas
  • Safety of oven use- can go up to 350 F
  • Cleaning- it can be washed using the dishwasher but hand wash is much recommended.
  • Colour- black


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This is actually a very nice option and addition to our kitchen. Thanks to the Rio Collection for continuous creativity on our minor home appliances. The set is very budget friendly and completely the best ceramic cookware sets.


Who love cooking and preparing food for either your lovely family members or for commercial purposes. The Greenpan Rio 12pc non-stick ceramic cookware sets are the best deal to go to quickly without any regrets. It is easy to use and easy to clean. And at the same time due to it being a non-stick. It uses less oil hence, preserving the ingredients to be used.




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